Located in Williamsburg, MI 
Serving Traverse City and the Greater Northwest Michigan Area

Distinctive Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors – Framed mirrors – Decorative mirrors – Tinted mirror – Beveled mirror – Pattern cut mirror – Beveled mirror strips – Full length mirrors

Distinctive Glass will custom fabricate and install mirrors for every application imaginable. You can count on high-quality  mirror , design and fabrication services and superior installation. Our team is the the absolute best in the business.

Distinctive Glass will custom design each project is to fit your existing space and preferences. Custom mirrors subtly open up the home with reflective illusion that’s quiet and dignified. Our true-reflection quality glass returns colors and shapes with both flattery and accuracy. Designers rely on custom mirrors to complete several style makeovers from: Feng Shui and Zen-inspired rooms, art deco, and minimalist to the ornate richness of baroque and old-world styles.

Accessories-Custom accessories include matching switch plates and outlets to keep a seamless appearance. At Distinctive Glass, every project is measured to fit your existing space.

Discover the potential for beauty and style with customized mirrored walls

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