Back Painted Glass is clear glass that is painted from the back side and viewed from the front side. It is widely used by designers and architects for colored glass walls,back splashes, glass marker boards and dry erase boards, colored glass counter tops, shower walls, artistic glass, auto glass, marine glass, aero space glass, and more. Back painted glass is a modern alternative to other surfacing materials such as tiles and  laminates. When finished on walls and supported with light it offers a clean, contemporary and fresh new look. The uses for Pack Painted glass are virtually limitless and the color choices are also vast.

It is wildly popular in Europe and Australia and is just more recently becoming known in the US![ Distinctive Glass provides custom back painted glass to builders, architects, interior designers, and homeowners in the greater Northwest Michigan area including the Traverse City, Charlevoix, Petoskey, Indian River, Manistee and Harbor Springs areas


Are you building new construction, residential or commercial,  or looking to revamp your kitchen, bathroom or office with an exciting new look? Picture ultra-clear glass bathed in luminous, reflective colors.


Back painted glass enhances the sleek, clean style of modern homes and commercial spaces, adding a touch of elegance when blended into traditional interiors. This versatile product introduces a new design alternative to tile, laminate, granite, marble and even wood applications.

Back-painted glass technology is simple and durable. A special color application is applied to the back of a glossy glass panel (not the side to be used as surface area). Painting the backside of glass protects the color application from scratches and other environmental wear while preserving the reflective quality of the glass.

Distinctive Glass will custom design each project is to fit your space and preferences. Sherwin Williams colors are generally used since they have a very good color fan deck that is easy for you to physically acquire anywhere in the world. Glass paint colors can be matched to most all paint mfg colors. It is also possible to match all colors quite closely. A proof will be provided upon request.


Accessories-Custom accessories include matching switch plates and outlets to keep a seamless appearance. At Distinctive Glass, every project is measured to fit your existing space.

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